[kde-edu]: Gsoc 2010 regarding

suresh dandiboina dandiboina.suresh at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 18:44:04 CET 2010

Hi all,

As part of GSoc 2010, I have some ideas related to kde-edu.
I doubt whether these can be takens GSoC projects?

ideas on khangman:

1)As this is used by children most of the times adding sounds like
excellent,good..etc when the correct word is typed, makes them feel happy
and get motivated to use it more.
2) When 50% of the letters are guessed correctly,if we provide some clues it
will be somewhat encouraging to finish the word.
Clues like drawing the half picture if half of the word is correct on the
3)Creating Dynamic background while playing rather than keeping the same
picture(static) as it is till the end of game.
4)Giving the options for categorizing the words like
               .        .
               .        .
               *)mixed or no preferences
 The user can either  select the type of words he want or any mixed ones(for
example: like it may be animals,Burds..Crow next lion may come as of now)

I m interested in doing so if any mentors are provided.

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