[kde-edu]: GSoC 2010 ideas needed

Inge Wallin inge at lysator.liu.se
Sun Feb 14 18:26:13 CET 2010

On Friday 05 February 2010 21:20:03 todd rme wrote:
> Okular: Okular supports viewing opendocument text (ODT) documents, but
> there are a number of other popular document formats that it would be
> good to support.  This includes opendocument spreadsheets, graphics,
> presentations, and formulas (ODS, ODG, ODT, and ODF, respectively), as
> well as Microsoft Office formats, including the 97/XP/2003 formats and
> the 2007/2010 formats.  These would probably involve making
> reader-only filters based on the filters being developed for KOffice,
> but I am not sure.  The project would probably involve support for one
> of the three sets of formats, either finishing opendocument support,
> doing office 97 support, or doing office 2007 support.  Office 97
> support is probably the most pressing considering its popularity.

You need to check out KOffice where all of this is already supported, 
including the MS 2007 formats.  If you can hack okular to accept odf in 
general and use the KOffice filters for it, you would have a nice viewer.  
Another way would be to add viewer kparts to KOffice and make okular able to 
use them.

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