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Fri Feb 5 21:59:24 CET 2010

Here are a few more ideas:

Kbluetooth: Currently KDE has no way to browse bluetooth filesystems
which is normally provided by OBEX, forcing users to use Gnome tools.
The purpose of this project would be to implement an OBEX kio slave.
The Kbluetooth developer may prefer to do this him/her/theirself, so
will need to comment on this idea.

KStars: Create a tool that shows the position of stars in a map of the
Milky Way galaxy, or objects outside of the milky way galaxy, using a
combination of direction and distance from the Earth.  The program
would include Earth on the map as a point of refrence, use
public-domain drawings of the Milky Way provided by NASA or other
government-run space agencies.  See "Where is M13" for an example of
such a program: http://www.thinkastronomy.com/M13/index.html

KIO/Ark: The purpose of this project would be to extend the compressed
file browser kio slaves, which currently only includes only a of
formats, to support browsing all compressed file formats supported by
Ark.  I don't think this is available yet, I apologize if it is.
Making this generic enough to automatically support new formats as Ark
supports them would be ideal, but I do not know if this is possible.
Providing support for adding files and/or deleting files from
compressed file formats that support it would be extra but encouraged.
 That might qualify as a separate GSOC project.

Amarok: Adding album art support for MTP and/or generic USB media
players.  The former might require modifying libmtp, the latter would
probably require adding album art to the file's ID3 tag and to any
folder that is created.  This may not be enough to qualify as a
project, but perhaps both together would be.

Konqueror: Implement support for modifying web page javascript and css
like firefox greasemonkey and stylish, respectively.  It should
probably support greasmonkey and stylish scripts as-is.

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 3:20 PM, todd rme <toddrme2178 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have some ideas for project suggestions, although I don't know if
> they are any good so I would prefer to run them by everyone here
> first:
> Okular: Okular supports viewing opendocument text (ODT) documents, but
> there are a number of other popular document formats that it would be
> good to support.  This includes opendocument spreadsheets, graphics,
> presentations, and formulas (ODS, ODG, ODT, and ODF, respectively), as
> well as Microsoft Office formats, including the 97/XP/2003 formats and
> the 2007/2010 formats.  These would probably involve making
> reader-only filters based on the filters being developed for KOffice,
> but I am not sure.  The project would probably involve support for one
> of the three sets of formats, either finishing opendocument support,
> doing office 97 support, or doing office 2007 support.  Office 97
> support is probably the most pressing considering its popularity.
> KDElibs: Currently KDE does not have support of any sort for more than
> 3 mouse buttons.  This is partly a limitation of Qt, but it can be
> worked around by overloading Qt functions.  It is one of KDE's
> most-demanded features and has been for longer than KDE has been using
> bugzilla (at least 8 years, see
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34362).  It is also an
> accessibility issue for many users who can't move the mouse much or
> use the keyboard well.  There would be three possible solutions.  What
> I consider the poorest solution would be to write a configuration tool
> for an existing Linux mouse button to keyboard shortcut utility.  This
> would not integrate well with KDE and would force users to configure
> two things, first the mouse and then the keyboard keys it was mapped
> to.  What I consider a better solution would be to integrate mouse
> buttons support directly into the current KDE shortcut system,
> allowing you to use mouse buttons in keyboard shortcuts.  What I
> personally consider the optimal solution, though, would be to create a
> pluggable system for shortcuts, where people can write backends that
> provide shortcut information to the KDE shortcut system.  The existing
> keyboard shortcut system would be converted to a plugin and a mouse
> plugin would be created.  Other future plugins could include an IR
> remote plugin, a joystick plugin, a bluetooth device plugin, and so
> on.  See the following bug report for a discussion of such a system:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=171295
> KDEbase: different KDE apps use different, inconsistent tab bars.  One
> example is between dolphin and konqueror, where dolphin tabs are moved
> with the left mouse button and konqueror tabs are moved with the
> middle tab button.  The purpose of this project would be to convert
> all "official" KDE applications (so not including apps like amarok and
> digikam) to the same tab system, probably the qttabbar used by
> Dolphin.  See http://userbase.kde.org/User:RalphMW/tabbing, and there
> is a discussion in the usability mailing list as well.
> Marble: currently one major remaining difference between marble and
> google earth is that google earth uses an opegl renderer to allow you
> to look at a map from an angle other than top-down.  Marble does not
> have this, but I recall from discussions with Marble developers that
> they want to ultimately have this.  The purpose of the project would
> be to implement this.  The Marble developers will need to comment on
> whether this is a good idea or not, I don't know.
> KIO: KIO is great for applications that support it, but non-KDE
> applications do not.  Linux has a general method for user-space
> mounting of filesystems called FUSE.  There was work on a bridge
> between kio and fuse that would allow you to mount KIO slaves in a way
> that is visible to the entire Linux system, but this appears to have
> died.  Gnome's VFS already supports this, but KDE does not.  The
> purpose of this project is to implement such a system for KDE.
> I may think of more later, but hopefully there are at least a few
> useful ideas in here somewhere.
> -Todd
> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 6:05 PM, Lydia Pintscher <lydia at kde.org> wrote:
>> Heya folks :)
>> Jeff, Leo, Ian and I will be admins for GSoC again this year.
>> I just prepared the necessary wiki pages to get us started and copied
>> over content where I could. Please help me fill
>> http://community.kde.org/GSoC/2010/Ideas with great project ideas and
>> polish http://community.kde.org/GSoC
>> Those two pages need to be ready and filled with ideas by March 8th
>> but it would be most awesome if it is done earlier and I would not
>> have to poke people last minute. Thank you so much.
>> Let me know if you have any questions and please spread it to your subprojects.
>> Cheers
>> Lydia
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