[kde-edu]: Data for Parley and KHangMan

Sabine Emmy Eller s.eller at voxhumanitatis.org
Thu Feb 11 20:54:03 CET 2010

Hi, the first sets of data were uploaded to our mercurial server:

I excluded the wiktionary data from Parley and KHangMan

Which dictionary should I prepare the Wiktionary data for? Where can I find
the data format? Maybe you can give me a hint, it's a pity to not use this
data at least as dictionary.**

It is somewhat difficulties for people to download since you have to go to
the file in raw format, eventually set your browser to UTF-8 manually
(mostly it works, but often also not, depending on the browser) and then
download with "save page as". I still need to write a how-to for that - will
integrate it to the parley manual you are creating online. But I am really
under time pressure right now since next week is mother language day.

Question: who of you would like to participate in the translation/contents
creation marathon? To make things very open we are starting from 17 of
February and go ahead until 25 where each person contributes as much as
he/she wishes - nobody will work for the whole time - most people just two
or three hours in all these days, but the more we are the more we will get
out of it. So if you wish to participate, please contact me and I will add
you to the list of people who receive the related emails.

I wanted to write a blog, but I believe before I do this I should create the
how-to for the download of the data.

Cheers, Sabine
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