[kde-edu]: Step without kdelibs?

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Thu Feb 11 16:25:55 CET 2010

On Thu, 11 Feb 2010 16:17:35 +0100
"Anne-Marie Mahfouf" <annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr> wrote:

> Hi,
> Step is in KDE-Edu since KDE 4.1. If you're using Marble already, chances are 
> that you have the kdelibs for it (except if you use the Qt-only version).
> You cannot run Step without the kdelibs nor can you run any KDE-Edu program 
> without kdelibs. KDE software by definition is software builds with kdelibs.
> Not sure why you do not want the kde libraries on your system: space? other 
> reason? If you want to use/develop any KDE program you need those libs. If you 
> don't want kdelibs, you don't want any KDE and KDE-Edu programs.
> You can perfectly run/develop Step without runnning KDE workspace itself 
> though. The Plasma Desktop is not needed, you can run Step on GNOME or other 
> desktop. What you need are Step dependencies and kdelibs is one of them. But 
> kdelibs is not the desktop, Plasma is the desktop. You seem to mix those and I 
> hope this clarifies it.
> Anne-Marie
  Thank you for such a quick answer!
  I must say I do distinguish between the libraries and desktop, but as
I have already said, I don't use anything that needs kdelibs and I
don't actually want them to be present in my system just for one
application much. 
  When I used KDE, I had to install kdelibs anyway, so this was not a
problem. And now I use another desktop environment, which has its own
libraries installed. I prefer not to put anything unnecessary (I mean
the things I do not use every day or so) into my system.
  Speaking about Marble, I do use its Qt version. I like it because
this is the only dependency. It means the software is highly portable.
One may easily run it on every machine Qt runs on. And if I want my
program to be used by many different users (the users of Gnome, Xfce or
even by MS Windows users), I wouldn't include many dependencies into
  In general, I agree that it is possible to install kdelibs on a
Gnome- (or something else) based desktop, but there are many users who
would think of KDE-Edu project as part of a complete KDE desktop
environment (please excuse me for this tautology :) ) and thus think
that if they use Gnome, for example, all the KDE-Edu programs are not
available to them. 
  I must say that I'm not one of them, but still I'd like the programs
I use have as little dependencies as possible. That is why I would like
to know, for what purpose do Step use kdelibs and if there is a way to
make a Qt only version. 
  And also I would like to know the Step developers' opinion about
this. Maybe, they would also like to have a Qt-only version along with
a standard KDE version. If so, I would like to take part in development
of such a program. I am a physicist and I have some experience on
writing Qt programs, so I could probably be of some use for Step
development team. At least I could try to help them a bit.
  I hope, you understand my thoughts in spite of my poor English. :)


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