[kde-edu]: KDE 3.5 Sessions - Autostart & Restore / .mozilla blocks login

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Feb 1 20:46:13 CET 2010

A Dilluns, 1 de febrer de 2010, RalfGesellensetter va escriure:
> Dear list,
> in my school, I maintain a Skolelinux network, incl. a thin client
> server (LTSP) based on Debian Edu / Lenny.
> For months now I am chasing a phenomenon that hinders users from login.
> In short:
> 1. Log in gives briefly a black screen, then login screen again (ltsp)
> 2. Removing .mozilla solves the problem in 99.9% of all cases.
> Now, I always have been wondering: why does KDE need/touch .mozilla to
> start a session???
> The closest reason was: to restore a windows or autostart a process.
> I started collecting information about places where KDE saves
> corresponding information:
> /********* KDE 3.5. autostart & restore config files ***********
>  ~/.kde/Autostart/*
>  ~/.kde/share/config/session/
>  ~/.kde/share/config/ksmserverrc
> ****************************************************************/
> Deleting all those didn't help either. Also my suspiction about
> mozver.dat did not verify.
> When I try to login from a workstation, there _is_ a verbose message
> like: are you sure dcopserver is running / could not read session data
> etc. (no screenshot yet)
> Anyway, removing the folder .mozilla helps, and I start considering a
> nightly cronjob removing all .mozilla folders.......
> If you, could please, tell me further KDE places where session data is
> restored, or config files that can be used to produce more verbose
> logging and direct it to a file....

Hi Ralf, this is hardly a topic for kde-edu mailing list, you could try KDE 
forums or KDE user mailing lists for more luck.

But hardly anyone runs KDE 3 anymore so don't hold your breath.


> Thanks a million
> Ralf
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