[kde-edu]: KDE 3.5 Sessions - Autostart & Restore / .mozilla blocks login

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Mon Feb 1 13:02:35 CET 2010

Dear list,

in my school, I maintain a Skolelinux network, incl. a thin client 
server (LTSP) based on Debian Edu / Lenny.

For months now I am chasing a phenomenon that hinders users from login.
In short:
1. Log in gives briefly a black screen, then login screen again (ltsp)
2. Removing .mozilla solves the problem in 99.9% of all cases.

Now, I always have been wondering: why does KDE need/touch .mozilla to 
start a session???

The closest reason was: to restore a windows or autostart a process.

I started collecting information about places where KDE saves 
corresponding information:

/********* KDE 3.5. autostart & restore config files ***********

Deleting all those didn't help either. Also my suspiction about 
mozver.dat did not verify.

When I try to login from a workstation, there _is_ a verbose message 
like: are you sure dcopserver is running / could not read session data 
etc. (no screenshot yet)

Anyway, removing the folder .mozilla helps, and I start considering a 
nightly cronjob removing all .mozilla folders.......

If you, could please, tell me further KDE places where session data is 
restored, or config files that can be used to produce more verbose 
logging and direct it to a file....

Thanks a million

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