[kde-edu]: Re: KDE Edu libs, analitza and splitting

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annma at kde.org
Wed Dec 22 16:28:23 CET 2010

On Wednesday 22 December 2010 15:12:10 Aleix Pol wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm sending this e-mail because I would like that we discussed a little
> about what libkdeedu is. With the module splitting I'll have to move
> analitza outside KAlgebra as we've stated in the last conversations [1]. I
> think that if we split the module it will make sense to split also
> libkdeedu, at least I guess it would make sense to have a libanalitza
> project.
> That would open new questions like what to do with qtmmlwidget or
> libkdeeduui, but I'd prefer to know what you think first.
> Thanks,
> Aleix
> [1] http://community.kde.org/KDE_Edu#Git_Migration

I think it makes sense to split the lib as well. 

I see several possibilities:
- a lib like libscience is only used by Kalzium: it can go to kalzium/
- a lib is used by several apps within kdeedu: it can be a lib on its own 
(keduvocdocument) with a proper findFoo.cmake
- a lib can be extended to outside kdeedu usage: not sure what difference that 
makes with above
- a lib is currently not a lib as such but should be (analitza) as it's used 
by several apps
- something is not a lib (data/ and icons/ dirs)
- qtmmlwidget (used by?)

I added a table on theGit Migration page for the libs.


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