[kde-edu]: Git Convertion (part 2)

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annma at kde.org
Wed Dec 22 15:13:03 CET 2010

Hi all,

It seems we all agree to split the module as nobody was against it so far.

What to do:

1) Check current rules conversion (thanks Noiko) to see if all history is 
-> ssh git at dewey.kde.org ls /home/git/nsams/test-complete/KDE/kdeedu
list of the splitted kdeedu so far
->git clone ssh://git@dewey.kde.org/home/git/nsams/test-
you'll get a clone of the repo
compare git log with svn -v log

If it does not work then the rules need to be improved and the conversion 
redone. Please report on the wiki page (see below) and we'll fix it.

2) If you have branches and/or tags also check if they are there
Check if kdereview history is there, playground, ...

You can use QGit to visualize your repository

3) Fill the following table
(thanks Sebastian)

4) Pino: what about docs? Do we migrate them after the rest is done? Is there 
history to check?

5) About the libs: see with other apps maintainers who rely on them what you 
want to do with them.
We can add the libs to the table once we sort them out.

6) When trunk is open for 4.7 we can start to work on the split in svn (remove 
the top CMakeLists.txt and build everything separately, check all CMake 

7) The migration itself is likely to happen only AFTER 4.6.0 release

If one person from each project makes the effort to work a bit on this, we'll 
manage it very well. If you are not able to do anything for your application, 
please tell it here and we'll fill in for you.

Best regards,


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