[kde-edu]: Strange request for information...

Jason Winters jason at txt.com
Sat Oct 24 10:08:21 CEST 2009

Forgot to add the group...
Hey Torsten,

Torsten Rahn wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> Colorizing grayscale images is just one out of many possible modes in 
> Marble.
> You can use 24 bit images now already:
> Just use e.g. the dgml file for the "bluemarble" theme (aka "Satellite 
> View) as a template.
Ah, I'll take a look at that.  Hadn't occurred to me they'd be different.
> Also I wonder what utility you are thinking of. Because once you 
> adjusted the dgml file and have the source file for your panorama 
> photo in place the "map" gets tiled automatically once you select it.
Ah, but that's not what I want it to do!  Mostly, anyway.  What I want 
to do is have it pre-zoomed
to the maximum size, and then use the 'zoom' command to actually move 
between images.

For example, say I have a forest scene, and instead of starting all the 
way out (looking at the
entire forest), it starts all the way in, say, looking at one tree.

 Then, the 'zoom' option controls successive images; i.e., it's summer, 
but zooming in will
gradually take you into winter, on the same tree..  Thus instead of 
zooming resolution, I'm
zooming time...

 Actually, I'd love to be able to do *both*, for example, using 
shift-zoom for 'time' and normal
zoom for.. well, zoom.. :}

Does that make any more sense?



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