[kde-edu]: Strange request for information...

Torsten Rahn tackat at t-online.de
Fri Oct 23 20:02:52 CEST 2009

Hi Jason,

Colorizing grayscale images is just one out of many possible modes in Marble.

You can use 24 bit images now already:

Just use e.g. the dgml file for the "bluemarble" theme (aka "Satellite View) as 
a template. 

Also I wonder what utility you are thinking of. Because once you adjusted the 
dgml file and have the source file for your panorama photo in place the "map" 
gets tiled automatically once you select it.

Have fun,


Am Freitag 23 Oktober 2009 18:33:16 schrieb Jason Winters:
> Greetings Torsten,
> Torsten Rahn wrote:
> > Your request isn't as strange as you might think ;)
> > In fact using Marble as a panorama viewer is something that I'd like to
> > have implemented properly at some point.
> Sounds good! :}
> > Am Mittwoch 21 Oktober 2009 14:00:56 schrieb Jason Winters:
> >>   What I would like to do is create an "art" project that uses panoramas
> >> and time...  You can pan around the picture, and
> >> then "zoom" through time.  The idea was to use the zoom features of
> >> something like Marble and supply my own layers
> >> of different "resolution", with different images (taken at different
> >> times) that would reveal when the user zoomed in.
> >
> > Have a look at
> >
> > http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/3269
> I looked through there, and gave some of it a try.  Aside from the small
> problem of creating
> the maps (easy enough to make a utility to do that), the maps are all 8
> bit, i.e, grayscale.  This
> is not what I had in mind... :}   It did look like the generic concept
> will work, if it's possible
> to change that...
>   It looks like you have a grayscale map, and then use tiles of a
> particular type to fill in the color
> and details.  While this is fine for a map, using it as an image doesn't
> work...   because the color
> is in the image, not tiles. :}
>   How hard do you think it would be to increase the data from 8 to 24
> (or even 30) bit?  So I can
> use a full color image (and of course, use full saturation)?
> Thanks!
> Jason

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