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Sabine Emmy Eller s.eller at voxhumanitatis.org
Sat Oct 3 14:51:43 CEST 2009

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 2:34 PM, John Layt <john at layt.net> wrote:

> On Saturday 03 October 2009 10:14:13 Lydia Pintscher wrote:
> > It wouldn't be hard to create such a distro/CD with Suse Studio. Just
> > needs someone to do it and promote it.
> >
> >
> > Cheers
> > Lydia
> >
> Hmmm.  A whole distro and reboot seems a case of overkill for one or two
> apps,
> and I think there are already projects like Edubuntu aimed that that sort
> of
> thing.  I know the KDE on Windows project is still beta-quality but that
> seems
> a slightly better way to go, but it is a lot to install and there are
> initial
> trust issues to get over.  I wonder if there's some way to run KDE Windows
> from a USB stick like Portable Apps (http://portableapps.com/)?  That
> would
> seem an ideal solution to me.
> John.
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Hi, I am just reading and I had something like portable apps on my mind,
but: you won't find easily a school or kid that uses a USB stick here. It
will be VERY hard to get teachers install something besides the preinstalled
Word and Paint etc. of Windows XP home on the school computers. Therefore
having a life CD/DVD where nothing is being installed and where they do not
need to provide USB-Sticks or whatever seems to be the best way to start off

People here where I live are more likely to copy a CD/DVD than sharing
information on a stick.

My kids have Edubuntu 9.04 installed and talk "Linux" to friends and
teachers - well ... they are the only ones in the whole village and probably
I also can include the two nearby villages, so we count around 15.000
inhabitants, to use Edubuntu. There are some teens and twens using Linux
(mainly Ubuntu) but these are really rare to find.

I believe that once people are accustomed to the software and like it then
we probably have all doors open and can go the "please download and install"
way, but before that: it will be really difficult. And now consider that I
live in an EU country. Most of the people we will have to deal with live
outside EU. And most of these will access educational contents via very old
computers having really bad or actually no Internet connectivity and very
often we will find that the mobile phone actually is "their medium".

If we talk about the North of Europe and the bigger cities things are
differet, but these are the minority of the global market - the majority is,
considering education and contents, in a much worse situation.

Suse Studio could be worth a try.

Cheers, Sabine
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