[kde-edu]: Thoughts on KDE-Educationals in general

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Sat Oct 3 12:19:13 CEST 2009

Am Samstag 03 Oktober 2009 10:45:00 schrieb Sabine Emmy Eller:
> Yesterday my kids came home and for the first time they got a list of
> vocabulary to leran by monday. Needles to say that they will do this with
> Parley :-)
> But like they do it, the whole class needs to do it. At school the kids use
> Win XP (sic) - at home for now mine use edubuntu. We have to consider that
> many eachers will not be able to easily install things.
> I am asking myself about the following: is there some kind KDE-Educationals
> live CD or DVD? There are very slim linux versions that can also be run
>  from a stick. Passing an updated CD/DVD each X months is not really
>  difficult.
> My question is: how difficult would it be to create a basic system that
>  just runs for example the KDE-Educational applications including the
>  possibility to "read books" (there is no public library here, so if we can
>  get them also books to read ...) where the system remains the same for a
>  long time and we only add contents. So new releases do not necessarily
>  involve re-creating the system over and over again - this could be done
>  maybe once a year or whenever who does it finds it comfortable.
> Or is there already something like this existing?
Afaik no, Edubuntu comes to my mind, but that's a Addon-CD for [K]ubuntu, not 
a Live CD.

> Next point: Localization of UIs
> I am not very familiar with KDE localization for now. Through the website I
> cannot understand in how many languages the applications are already
> available and how we can translate them into other languages (for example
> Udmurt). Is there a special team that cares about educationals? Or just the
> localisation mailing list?
Translation stats for kdeedu you find here:

KDE releases are usually shipped with around 50-60 language translations, but 
not all of them have a fully translated kdeedu modul.

There is no Udmurt translation team, neither in KDE/Gnome or elsewere.
If anybody wants to translate kdeedu applications, please do it inside the kde 
translation teams. Avoid separate/independent translations as done in 
Launchpad/Rosetta, that is a complete desaster and has often destroyed the 
existion translation for kdeedu application like e.g. KTurtle. 

We have no special translation team for kdeedu, only some translators / team 
coordinators (like me) interested in edu on this list. And of course the I18n 
coordinator Albert Astals Cid (KGeography maintainer) is subscribed here.

> Does the website edu.kde.org exist in other languages?
> Sorry for all these questions - I need to get a complete overview (by now I
> don't even know all the options I have with only Parley ;-) ... RTFM is not
> really what I like to do ... it creates some kind of hick-up with me. But
> seriously: we have been hassling around with various applications here and
> there, trying various ways. I found Parley and KDE-Educationals by chance
> and immediately the feeling "this is it" came up.
> Well I have plenty more things to ask and find out, but let's start here
>  :-)
> Cheers, Sabine

Burkhard Lück

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