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On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 6:45 PM, Andreas Kainz <andreas_k at abwesend.de>wrote:

> My first entree in opendesktop.org
> http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php?content=115957
> I hope it was the right place, but I haven't a blog and so I think it
> was the right way to talk about my idea.
> The idea is to have a user specific start screen for (kde) education.
> There are a lot of education apps, but you have to know which app is
> "for you". For you will mean the right target group, with the user
> specific start screen it will be easier to have a overview.
> At the start screen (kde brainstorm screenshot 1 on top and 2 for
> students) it will be easier to find your specific apps. with the
> settings buttom it will be possible to finde fore apps for you (not a
> app store, but a overview which app will be out there for linux).
> At the screen 1 below and screenshot 3 you will see the lektions from
> parley. the order is the same than in parley with lessons and sub
> lessons. The pictures are auto generated from the parley lesson. When
> you klick an the lesson you will start. The same in screenshot 3 where
> you have also exams from the University.
> on the buttom below the lessons you have a parley icon when you klick
> on the icon you start parley and can edit lessons, make new lessons or
> whatever. the overview page is only for starting the lessons. with the
> settings buttom you can say which lessons you will see at the start
> screen.
> I'm waiting for feedback.
> Thanks
> Andreas
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I think drawing teh barrier between degrees judging by age can be error
prone and might be politically incorrect (I don't really know if age is a
good metric). Just degree would be better. As for the separation, it kind of
makes sense to me.
What would you think of creating a gantt scheme throughout all degrees and
specifying there what are the expected. That would be really useful when
showing off kde edu and in programs such as this. Or maybe we could have
some kdeedu-wise .desktop file entry where the intended level is specified.
That way that information would be integrated on the system.

As for the application per se, I'm not really sure if it would help, but
well I'm not the intended user (In my ideal world kalgebra would be great
;). We can try it out with people and see, what you want people to be able
to discover the most of KDE Edu here. Maybe we could integrate KNS into
this, so that apps that have lessons online can show them off letting the
user know what they can get with any application. I think that what would be
good with such a tool wouldn't be to replicate Kickoff (or any menu) but
instead to create a kdeedu explorer. I'm not sure how possible this would
be, but I guess the way to go would be by making applications more verbose
when announcing themselves in the .desktop file.

Hope that helps.
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