[kde-edu]: Education program showcase and program tips/tricks

Akarsh Simha akarshsimha at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 21:39:41 CET 2009

>    I'm a new volunteer with KDE, specifically with KDE-promo, and I've been
>    asked to improve the kde-edu promotion materials being prepared for a
>    booklet on KDE.Â


>    Current draft text for KDE-edu in booklet:

>    Learn new languages, practice touch typing or explore geometry, physics
>    and math with the educational applications by the KDE community. Younger
>    children can learn to deal with fractions and percentages with
>    Kpercentage, adults can do some braintraining with Blinken or KWordquiz.
>    Students explore the night sky with KStars or the smallest fundamentals of
>    chemistry with Kalzium. Anyone can and explore the world with Marble - the
>    educational applications offer something for everyone!

KStars is not just for students, but also for anybody who is
interested in knowing more about the night-sky :). Astronomy is
something that interests a wide range of ages - 9 year olds to 90 year
olds! Here's something you can probably modify to fit into your text:

'Serious hobby astronomers, science educators, students and casual
sky-gazers can explore the night-sky and gain easy access to loads of
information and pictures using KStars. KStars can even control
observatory telescopes!'

On a side note, although it's not in my jurisdiction, I think
"smallest fundamentals of chemistry with Kalzium" would be better
replaced by "deepest fundamentals of chemistry with Kalzium".

Great contribution! Thanks for making KDE rock :)


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