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Vivek Prakash vivek.ap at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 21:17:03 CET 2009


I'm a new volunteer with KDE, specifically with KDE-promo, and I've been
asked to improve the kde-edu promotion materials being prepared for a
booklet on KDE.

I'm writing to ask if there's any program in particular you would like
mentioned or showcased (maybe Parley, for example?).  I also wanted your
input on a "Tips and tricks" section.

Each section of the booklet will also contain a "Tips and Tricks"
subsection, to present information that may not be obvious from early use of
the program.  For example, this could include keyboard shortcuts for certain
tasks, or additional functionality that might not be immediately apparent
(like a blog preview for a blogging program or a presentation mode to a PDF
viewer).  So, for example, is there some tip/trick about Marble to which you
would like to give greater prominence?

I'll basically be updating and expanding on the text pasted below, and
depending on how much content they want, I might split up the description in
Languages/Math/Misc./Science.  (Anything I write will probably be heavily
edited, which is why I'm comfortable taking on a task about programs I'm not
very familiar with.)

Thanks for your advice.  I appreciate your time.


Current draft text for KDE-edu in booklet:
Learn new languages, practice touch typing or explore geometry, physics and
math with the educational applications by the KDE community. Younger
children can learn to deal with fractions and percentages with Kpercentage,
adults can do some braintraining with Blinken or KWordquiz. Students explore
the night sky with KStars or the smallest fundamentals of chemistry with
Kalzium. Anyone can and explore the world with Marble - the educational
applications offer something for everyone!
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