[kde-edu]: URGENT: Rocs inclusion and kdeedu module future

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Sun Nov 8 18:01:47 CET 2009

On Friday 06 November 2009 20:33:31 Aleix Pol wrote:
> Well, I've been thinking about that again, I'm saying quite a bit the same
> but I'll try to develop a little bit more so that I can give you some idea
> (maybe xD).
> For now Rocs can stay inside KDE-Edu like all other application, but the
> concern is still applicable, I think and it's something that we have to
> solve in the (near) future.
> If it's not possible to have a presencial kdeedu meeting (like we had in
> paris) it would be good to have some in IRC at least. We should clarify
> KDE-Edu's vision at this point, making presentations about KDE Edu is not
>  as easy as it should be, we need some straightforward way to tell
> schools/teachers that with KDE they can find everything they need and how
> are things intended.
> Some help from kde-prom would be useful here I guess, since they have the
> experience. Also we should get in contact with some major user of KDE-Edu,
> that I suppose that somebody knows about one, but I don't, to know how do
> they use it and why. There's no competitor to KDE-Edu as a package AFAIK,
>  so we can't just copy them :P.
> About making KDE-Edu some module separated from KDE like KOffice is, I'm
>  not sure about that. In KDE-Edu we don't need different schedules I think,
>  as for KAlgebra I'm perfectly fine with KDE's and not having to think when
>  I'm going to release is something I like (I don't like thinking a lot as
>  you see
> :). We still can have our own identity by being a KDE module and I think
> that being able to say we're part of KDE and we ship with KDE is
> fundamental.
> That's all, I hope I haven't been too boring ^^.
> Aleix
Not boring at all, on the contrary. We'll have a meeting in 2010 (Mario who 
organized the Plasma one is trying to see if he can get us in Switzerland, as 
soon as there is something precise he'll mail the list) and if we could get 
some promo (and website) people that wouldbe awesome.
I agree with your view. When I said we could detach from KDE like KOffice that 
was more as a marketing and promotion strategy than as a development one: we 
could still release with KDE and we must do so in fact (just as KDevelop does 
We need to think about communication and your thoughts are good: we need to 
clarify the vision.
Let's see if we can arrange an IRC meeting as proposed by Nightrose (thanks)


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