[kde-edu]: URGENT: Rocs inclusion and kdeedu module future

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Fri Nov 6 20:33:31 CET 2009

On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 12:21 PM, Anne-Marie Mahfouf <
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> Hi,
> We have a new program ready for KDE 4.4 in playground/edu, Rocs, a Graph
> Theory program.
> Considering it is more specialized than other Edu applications, I asked the
> release-team about the opportunity of creating a new module: kdescience
> with Rocs and Cantor (and maybe Kyle). This is accepted as a possibility
> but
> there are other options.
> However soft feature freeze is tomorrow which implies that the decision
> should
> be taken today in order to be added to the feature plan.
> An option would be for KDE-Edu to be in the near future a project like
> KOffice,
> slightly detached from KDE main but we could still release at the same
> dates.
> This would make us stronger as a branding identity provided we have the
> resources to make it happen: logo, better website, ... At the moment I am
> too
> busy with personal life to take care of it (I am frequently away to see my
> parents, without internet and without time for KDE, I am sorry I cannot be
> more present to organize a meeting and boost us). However other people can
> step in to coordinate this (noneed tobe a developer!)
> So basically for the 4.4 release, we have several options:
> - include Rocs in kdeedu module and wait for 4.5 to make changes
> - create a kdescience module with Rocs and Cantor for 4.4 and see what we
> want
> to do for 4.5
> - make KDE-Edu a specific project which would need some special promotion
> and
> teamwork.
> What do you think?
> Anne-Marie
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Well, I've been thinking about that again, I'm saying quite a bit the same
but I'll try to develop a little bit more so that I can give you some idea
(maybe xD).

For now Rocs can stay inside KDE-Edu like all other application, but the
concern is still applicable, I think and it's something that we have to
solve in the (near) future.

If it's not possible to have a presencial kdeedu meeting (like we had in
paris) it would be good to have some in IRC at least. We should clarify
KDE-Edu's vision at this point, making presentations about KDE Edu is not as
easy as it should be, we need some straightforward way to tell
schools/teachers that with KDE they can find everything they need and how
are things intended.
Some help from kde-prom would be useful here I guess, since they have the
experience. Also we should get in contact with some major user of KDE-Edu,
that I suppose that somebody knows about one, but I don't, to know how do
they use it and why. There's no competitor to KDE-Edu as a package AFAIK, so
we can't just copy them :P.

About making KDE-Edu some module separated from KDE like KOffice is, I'm not
sure about that. In KDE-Edu we don't need different schedules I think, as
for KAlgebra I'm perfectly fine with KDE's and not having to think when I'm
going to release is something I like (I don't like thinking a lot as you see
:). We still can have our own identity by being a KDE module and I think
that being able to say we're part of KDE and we ship with KDE is

That's all, I hope I haven't been too boring ^^.

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