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2009/5/27 Ralf Gesellensetter <ralf.gesellensetter at web.de>

> On Freitag 20 März 2009 07:47:40 Rahim Fakir wrote:
> > Iam new to this, but i like Kturtle.
> > If you can email me samples or source code for Kturtle, so i can
> practice,
> > i'll be glad.
> > Thank you
> >
> > Rahim=Raymond
> Hi Rahim,
> I hope you found some samples that are published all over - e.g. within the
> manual. On Debian systems, there used to be sample files for KDE 3.5 (can't
> find any on 4.1). Maybe this thread and Google can help you:
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-edu-devel&m=119192847026601&w=2
> By the way, I found a German FAQ (wikiversity), and there was the question
> how
> to change the turtle "sprite". I don't think it is a image file that you
> can
> replace, but rather believe (without having looked into the source) that
> the
> turtle icon is drawn (using turtle commands). Hence I suggest to enable
> overwriting a system command "drawturtle" in order to replace its original
> appearance.

With the current KTurtle it is, as a matter of fact, a matter of 'just'
replacing an image file. The turtle sprite is loaded out of an SVG file. The
file is called 'turtle.svg' and is in the src directory of KTurtle's source.
The SVG is included in the KTurtle binary, so you'll have to recompile
KTurtle to change the sprite. There's also a grey version, which is used in
the direction chooser dialog.

I can imagine that this isn't the most convient way to change the sprite.
Implementing a 'changesprite' command wouldn't be very difficult. If there
is demand for such a feature, I might consider putting it into KTurtle.


> Regards
> Ralf
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