[kde-edu]: Custom Turtle / Re: Kturtle

Ralf Gesellensetter ralf.gesellensetter at web.de
Wed May 27 21:52:19 CEST 2009

On Freitag 20 März 2009 07:47:40 Rahim Fakir wrote:
> Iam new to this, but i like Kturtle.
> If you can email me samples or source code for Kturtle, so i can practice,
> i'll be glad.
> Thank you
> Rahim=Raymond

Hi Rahim,

I hope you found some samples that are published all over - e.g. within the 
manual. On Debian systems, there used to be sample files for KDE 3.5 (can't 
find any on 4.1). Maybe this thread and Google can help you:


By the way, I found a German FAQ (wikiversity), and there was the question how 
to change the turtle "sprite". I don't think it is a image file that you can 
replace, but rather believe (without having looked into the source) that the 
turtle icon is drawn (using turtle commands). Hence I suggest to enable 
overwriting a system command "drawturtle" in order to replace its original 


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