[kde-edu]: OT: User Interface for Ambaradan ... time to decide

Sabine Cretella s.cretella at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 20:34:40 CEST 2009

Hi, knowing that there is quite a bunch of people interested in languages,
translation etc. on the list I am sending this invitation also to you.
Please forward to eventually interested people since we would like to find
the right middle way for Ambaradan for all of us.

Hi all :-)

Sorry for cross posting.

Many of you probably already know that for the last two years we have been
working on a multilingua dictionary.

The documentation is online and can be read here:

We are about to design the user interface for the software. and therefore I
started to create some "paper versions" of how I would imagine it, but of
course, all are invited to have a look and discuss.

One thing is: we are talking software and therefore the space we have is
limited to the screen, no scrolling like with html is possible.

The first from-scratch paper designs can be found here:
(further designs of the various options of the central part and the
navigation will follow step by step)

For me it was essential to keep the sections as "clean" as possible, that is
the way to navigate needs to remain more or less the same for all options -
the menue in a place where one would expect it on a website and contents in
the central part, search function on the right.

Having Ambaradan many options the central part needs to be very flexible.
The necessities for translators, students, people just looking up things,
linguists etc. are very different. For now we are centering our thoughts on
language students, translators and people who generally look up terminology.
Therefore your thoughts about what to find where are very relevant for us.

Since we cannot follow contemporarily various mailing lists, we would kindly
ask you to subscribe to the Vox Humanitatis mailing list at:

If you have problems with subscribing, please let us know and we will add
your e-mail address manually.

Cu soon there :-)

Sabine + Bèrto
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