[kde-edu]: Needed some clarifications in Kalzium

Orestes Mas orestes at tsc.upc.edu
Wed Jul 22 18:37:36 CEST 2009

I've some doubts regarding the translation of some english words / expressions 
in Kalzium, and need further clarification by the developers:

1) What exactly do you mean with "Shapely Colors"? (i.e. the meaning of adverb 
"shapely" applied to colors)

2) I didn't understand what a "residue" was until, after some googling, I 
believe it's related to amino acids. Can you confirm this?

3) If my beliefs concerning (2) are true, then may be (1) is related to the 
way amino-acids are colored in a molecule, so in this case may be "Shapely 
Colors" should change to something more clear as "According to shape".
"Shapely colors" is so misleading that translation teams are translating this 
in very creative ways: French translation is something like "lathed colors", 
and spanish one is "Well-formed colors"...


Orestes Mas
Catalan team.
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