[kde-edu]: gps interface/daemon/spec for kde/gnome

John Layt johnlayt at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 7 08:30:31 CET 2009

On Tuesday 06 January 2009 20:56:38 Torsten Rahn wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 January 2009 19:58:52 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > Did you have a look at GeoClue?
> > http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/GeoClue
> The current problem with GeoClue is that it's using GConf for saving
> settings. Once somebody comes up with a patch to enable Qt-based settings
> saving I'd love to use it in Marble ...
> So Christian, if you could take care of that that would be awesome :-)
> Regards,
> Torsten

I'll add a +1 to that, its something that will be needed for making the entire 
desktop location aware, allowing it to auto-adapt to where you are, and I 
don't just mean timezones or network settings.  It will also be a key 
component for the 'social desktop', facilitating social interactions based on 
proximity.  And a million other ideas that will blow peoples socks off.

Fame and fortune awaits :-)


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