[kde-edu]: How should translations of kvtml files be named?

Karl Ove Hufthammer karl at huftis.org
Tue Jan 6 02:28:56 CET 2009

=?UTF-8?Q?Enrique_Mat=C3=ADas_S=C3=A1nchez_(Quique)?= skreiv:

> translations of Kanagram's kvtml files should keep its original name
> or should use a translated name?
> Id est, how should the Spanish version of "clothing.kvtml" be named:
> "prendas.kvtml" or "clothing.kvtml"? Or it just doesn't matter?

It doesn’t matter. It should only contain ASCII characters, though. And note
that the filename is used if and only if the file doesn’t contain a <title>
element giving the official name. So do include a <title> element!

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