[kde-edu]: Camp KDE in Jamaica

Marcus D. Hanwell marcus at cryos.org
Mon Jan 5 19:41:20 CET 2009

On Monday 05 January 2009 12:56:13 Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> Hi all,
> Camp KDE is coming soon and Education would be a hot topic if someone is
> willing to give a presentation (financial help still available from KDE).
> The resort is interested in having KDE-Edu on their machines and maybe the
> minister of Education will also come so it's a great opportunity. Due to
> family constraints I cannot go unfortunately.
> If anyone is coming and is willing to do a talk, please step in!

I am already registered and attending. I gave them the option of either a talk 
on the work I do with Gentoo and KDE and/or Kalzium/KDE-Edu. The organizers 
chose the Gentoo talk combined with another speaker. I would love to do 
whatever I could to communicate what is happening in KDE-Edu. There are 
several features we couldn't get ready in time for the 4.2 freeze but hope to 
get into the 4.3 release in Kalzium.
> I'll take this opportunity to ask every developer to highlight one or
> several features that are in KDE 4.2 and maybe also some planned features
> for 4.3. This information will be useful both for Camp KDE and for the
> release announcement so please, do make the effort to take a few minutes
> and write a few lines about your program.

Let me know if you would like me to talk about this. I would be happy to 
prepare something myself, ideally collating slides/summaries from other 
developers. If others are coming perhaps we could do a combined talk or I 
could help out.
> Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year to everyone!
Happy New Year. As I said I am all booked and ready to go. I would be happy to 
talk about KDE-Edu, at least as much as I am able to. I do try to follow what 
is happening in the module and have been working very hard on the Kalzium 
molecular editor backend library this year.



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