[kde-edu]: Bug in Kiten deinflection?

Daniel Palmer me at danielpalmer.co.uk
Tue Apr 14 16:50:27 CEST 2009

> I've started using Kiten some time ago for my japanese studies

I don't want to be too negative here, but I would suggest only ever using 
kitten as a reference for quickly looking up words. The backend dictionary 
(edic) is a bit rubbish and I've had Japanese people in hysterics with some 
of the words + translations it comes up with. It's probably  better to bite 
the bullet and get a decent paper-based dictionary and a Wordtank or 
something for when you want to look up words on the fly. It's a lot better to 
use a Japanese dictionary than relying on translations.

> When encountering such ending, kiten should suggests these four
> deinflections, but it actually suggests (for 買って, for example):

Searching for 買って here returns only 買う, which is correct. This is kitten 1.2 
from kde 3.5.10. Maybe you should mention which version of kitten you are 

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