[kde-edu]: New Application: Memory test.

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Wed Oct 1 22:00:32 CEST 2008


> As a first step you could put it on the playground and hope somebody picks
> it and port it to KDE.

Well, it is PyQt4, I am using only 2 classes with a Q that could be a K :-) I 
doubt anybody would ever notice this difference.

> Where do you get the words from? If it could use the dictionaries from
> aspell or another kdeedu app (such as parly, not sure which one would be
> better) the app would be rendered much more powerful at once.

Those lists are handcrafted and have to be. For example, the "Zwei Silben" 
list has 58 words which are not interconnected, so for example 
not "printer", "plotter", "scanner".
In other words: I think that we cannot use apell and other dicts here.


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