[kde-edu]: KAlgebra plasmoid

Inge Wallin inge at lysator.liu.se
Thu Jan 24 10:13:44 CET 2008

On Tuesday 22 January 2008 14:24, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> Hi Aleix, hi all,
> I'd like to poll other people about what plasmoids they think they will
> make for KDE 4.1 (freeze around mid May maybe if release in July). Please
> add what plasmoid you intent to do:
> - Aleix: KAlgebra calculator
> - Carsten: Kalzium display?
> - a KVTML plasmoid would be cool especially as we'll be able to flip the
> widgets so I see a flashcard with one word on one side and the
> translation/meaning/... on the other side. If no one is interested I'll do
> it.

I expect at least one or two plasmoids based on marble.  We have already 
integrated support for daylight, and a kind of world clock plasmoid will be 
trivial to do. Other will probably come when marble-without-a-widget comes in 
a week or so.

> We have a few options (in parenthesis are the cons)
> - add the plasmoids in the kdeedu module (size? possibility of packaging
> them and making them available without the whole kdeedu?)
> - add the plasmoids to extragear/plasma where the other plasmoids are
> (dependencie management)
> - start an extragear/plasma-edu or whatever name with edu-related plasmoids
> and dependency on kdeedu
> When I have an idea of what each of you are planning for 4.1, I'll enquire
> about this on the panel-devel and release-team (modules coordinators) and
> I'll let you know what they think is the best.
> I'll CC the Edu list as well and I'll try to forward to the kde-edu list
> all relevant information.

Sounds good.

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