[kde-edu]: Learning vocabulary on the road / Questions about KVTML2

Michael Hofer kde.edu at unglaublich.priv.at
Sun Jan 20 16:18:36 CET 2008


On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 17:00:48 +0100, "Falk Dechent" <fadef at gmx.de> said:
> I'm really looking forward to your Java Programm. What will you do with
> utf-8 
> charakters? There are also arabic and russian vocabulary files.

AFAIK UTF-8 should be supported in all/most compliant devices (I think
I've read somewhere that it's in the according Java standard - but I
can't find it now).
At least on the phones I own (Sony Ericsson W800i and K610i) utf-8 works
fine. I tried to load vocabulary files with Norwegian, Spanish, Russian
and Arabic characters, and as far as I can tell, they all look fine.

The only problem I experienced so far, is with some phonetic script
characters (IPA), which aren't diplayed correctly at the moment. But
there might be workarounds for this (using a special bitmap font...).


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