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Liba Cohn,  The Importance of Travel Insurance

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You've finally saved enough to go on that dream vacation you've been
planning. Now you're wondering if you should buy travel insurance. Do I
really need to go to the extra expense? All I can lose is my luggage, right?

Guess again! Anything can go wrong while you are traveling, and I strongly
favor buying a policy.

Most travel insurance policies are designed for a variety of travel needs
but, I emphatically advise reading the fine print of any policy you purchase
regarding any deductibles and health situations. You many find your policy
won't cover pre-existing conditions that may cause a problem, or that the
medical coverage is only for an injury or an illness -- not both. For
emergency aid, travel insurance polices are generally dependable and
affordable, but there are still a myriad of gaps in the coverage provided.

You can find polices designed for almost any type of trip you may be
planning, such as a single trip for hunting, backpacking, cruises, house
rentals, and a host of others. But, the specific types and amounts of
coverage you get depend on the policy you choose. It's important to remember
that you will only be covered for what is specifically stated in your policy
and for nothing else.

Most policies cover trip cancellation, lost baggage, medical, dental, and
accidental death coverage. Other policies include emergency evacuation, 24
hour travel assistance, and trip or baggage delay. You may even find
policies that include options for collision or damage to rented cars and
business conflicts. There are many options that can be covered, but you will
have to ask.

The premiums for the policies are generally 5% to 7% the cost of your trip,
but fees will vary depending on the your medical history and passengers
ages. Many companies offer policies that will include coverage for children
at no extra charge.

It is best not to buy your travel insurance from your tour operator. I've
listed a few reasons why it may be better to purchase through an insurance
company separately.

Most travel insurance policies offered by the operator are less flexible to
your individual needs;

Provide a lower amount of coverage;

May only cover a portion of the trip;

Your coverage may be secondary and the insurance will only pay for what you
own private health or homeowner's insurance does not cover;

May duplicate coverage you already have;

In the event the tour operator liquidates and goes belly up, you would lose
not only your trip, but also your premium.

Many travel agents are not fully knowledgeable when it comes to
understanding the details of various travel insurance policies and may
overlook something that could be important to you or your family and few
offer suggestions. Buying travel insurance may be less expensive purchasing
through your tour operator or cruise line, but for the reasons listed above,
you should really check around.

If you do choose to buy your policy from your tour operator, be sure to use
a credit card. Depending on the policy of the credit card issuer, you may be
provided with protection against potential default of the operator.

When buying your policy from an insurance company:

Always get quotes from several companies

Ask if the plan is pre-packaged or if you can custom design your own

Can you waive the pre-existing condition exclusion

Ask if you are covered for cancellation due to a terrorist incident. Don't
count of the company to provide information

Ask any question you can dream up and

Do ask for suggestions

A good site to reference for multiple travel insurance quotes is . (I am not
affiliated with this site in any way. I just like the site!) Enjoy your next
trip and I hope the odds are with you and that you will never have to file a
claim on your travel insurance policy.

(c)2004 Karen Zastudil

About The Author

Karen is a graduate of Cleveland State University and is a freelance writer.
Visit her website at  - A site of general interest to women. Topics include:
Pregnancy, Children, Parenting, Health and wellness, Diet and Fitness,
Relationships, Money, Travel and more.
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