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Fred and Kristen Adelman, New Addition to Sports Club LA

Los Angeles, CA (PRWeb) December 22, 2006 -- The Sports Club LA is the buzz
of the national press with recent articles in USA Today, The New York Times,
The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Observer,
(who named The Sports Club/LA as the place where New York society works out)
as well as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Women's Wear Daily, Elle, InStyle and many

"We are always seeking to add colorful individuals to our club" said Michael
Wolak, Director of New Membership. The newsworthy club addition of December
2006, is Vladimir Cuk, known to Hollywood audiences as The 7 Foot Serb from
the Walt Disney Pictures Celtic Pride (as Lurch) and Sixth Man (as Ziggy).

Vladimir Cuk is an Internet executive with an established presence in the
entertainment industry both as a businessman and as a performer with 2 major
Walt Disney Pictures behind him, three feature films in total, video games
including "James Bond: Everything or nothing" and various commercials. In
the casting community he is also known as The 7 Foot Serb and has the best
individual acting web site we have seen for a performer in Hollywood:  .

"We are glad to have Vladimir Cuk as part of our most elite membership which
includes the most powerful and affluent people in the Los Angeles area; many
of which include CEO's, celebrities, and other entrepreneurs. His membership
includes complimentary valet parking, access to all clubs across the country
plus all club executive amenities. " Wolak said.

Vladimir Cuk is always on the lookout for investments in new technologies,
and stands behind Nexicon Inc., one of the hottest new technology companies
available today in the Entertainment Industry.

Nexicon has a unique anti-piracy technology which records who, when, where
and how much has been downloading illegal movies and music on the Internet.
Nexicon provides this information to all major studios that in turn use this
information to reduce risk in their projects and make better business

"If it wasn't for residual system in Hollywood and companies with
anti-piracy technology such as Nexicon, most actors would not be able to
accumulate wealth after they are done working on their productions. In fact,
many wouldn't be able to join clubs like these due to all the intellectual
property theft going on today which erodes their residual income " Cuk said.
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