[kde-edu]: [kde-promo] KDE-Edu Presentation @ Freed.in/2008

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Wed Feb 27 02:23:20 CET 2008

Hi Pradeepto,

I love it, it changes from KDE style (I especially enjoyed the More Cool 
Stuff ;-)
Just 1 typo: KVerbos and not KVerbose

Do you have the source in some form like ODF? I'd like to make that 
presentation available from the Edu website!

Thanks for promoting KDE-Edu and wow, you India KDE people, you rock!!!

Best regards,


Le Tuesday 26 February 2008 10:06:28 am Pradeepto Bhattacharya, vous avez 
écrit :
> Hi,
>           This past weekend, i gave a talk at a foss conference -
> http://freed.in/2008 at JNU Campus, New Delhi. The theme of the event was
> "Knowledge". So lots of people from different backgrounds - foss
> developers, media ( even radio dudes ), course developers, geo mapping
>  ( open street maps ), typesetting and of course people involved in
> education dropped in for the event.
>            I got the opportunity to talk about KDE-Edu project. I am
> linking my presentation with this mail [1]. I hope it will be of some
> use to somebody else in future. I took some bits from Jeremy's release
> event presentation and added the rest on my own.
>            Short report - I gave small demos about kde-edu during the
> talk and random corridor demos to people before the talk. I really
> found people stunned looking at some of the apps. Step, KStars, Kalzium,
> Marble, Kig, KAlgebra and other apps were liked by the delegates. Some
> did believe that pedagogy can be changed for better with such tools at
> hand. They loved the work from kde-edu gang. I actually found quite
> some people enthusiastic about kde-games ( my current favourite is
> "join the dots" used to love it during the school days, love it even
> now ). After the talk, I fielded quite few questions, even that went
> well.
>           [1] http://xinh.org/~pradeepto/backtoschool-freed08.pdf
>            Thanks for all the help ( on #kde-edu ). :)
>            Cheers!
> Pradeepto

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