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           This past weekend, i gave a talk at a foss conference -
freed.in/2008 at JNU Campus, New Delhi. The theme of the event was
"Knowledge". So lots of people from different backgrounds - foss
developers, media ( even radio dudes ), course developers, geo mapping
 ( open street maps ), typesetting and of course people involved in
education dropped in for the event.

            I got the opportunity to talk about KDE-Edu project. I am
attaching my presentation with this mail. I hope it will be of some
use to somebody else in future. I took some bits from Jeremy's release
event presentation and added the rest on my own.

            Short report - I gave small demos about kde-edu during the
talk and random corridor demos to people before the talk. I really
found people stunned looking at some of the apps. Step, Kalzium,
Marble, Kig, KAlgebra and other apps were liked by the delegates. Some
did believe that pedagogy can be changed for better with such tools at
hand. They loved the work from kde-edu gang. I actually found quite
some people enthusiastic about kde-games ( my current favourite is
"join the dots" used to love it during the school days, love it even
now ). After the talk, I fielded quite few questions, even that went

            Thanks for all the help ( on #kde-edu ). Love your work.


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