[kde-edu]: Individual Apps - Building/Pre-Compiled

Ben Crawford crawford_ben at yahoo.ca
Tue Feb 26 09:59:35 CET 2008

Good Evening.

I've been following kde-edu for some time and have been using it in the classroom via customized edubuntu cds.  The success has been so good that a few of my colleagues have been asking about the software; a good thing.  However, the experience would be much better if I were able to install some programs under windows.  Without getting into all the details of the political reasons that exist at my school, running software under windows is just about the only option anymore - fear of the unknown I guess and not from the teachers.

Can someone point me in the direction of either pre-compiled, standalone, individual kde-edu apps, or a tutorial/documentation on compiling standalone, individual kde-edu apps?  I've been looking for both and have come up empty handed so far.  I figure if I can get things working one at a time, I'll have a better chance of longer term success.

Thanks to all the contributors to kde-edu!


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