[kde-edu]: GSoC 2008

Vladimir ks.vladimir at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 17:14:02 CET 2008


I'm thinking about adding Step-related ideas to

This can help to find one more developer for Step in order to increase the bus 
factor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor).

Draft list of ideas:
- 3d mode for Step
- "Incredible Machine" game (could be implemented sand-alone or by adding 
something like locked "viewer/tutorial/game" mode for Step)
- simulation of chemical reactions based on StepCore

I think that any of this ideas can be a good project for 2.5 month. There are 
also many smaller ideas that can be combined to form a project:
- use KAlgebra library for parsing user-supplied expressions; allow value in 
Meter, x- and y-values in Graph to be arbitrary expression; implement 
ParametricForce object that will apply a force given by user-supplied 
expression; implement a series of ParametricJoint objects that will allow 
creation of various parametric constraints (like fixed particle trajectory)
- scripting for Step using either QtScript or Kross
- multi-threaded calculations in StepCore
- correctly handle stiff problems in StepCore
- make StepCore compilable without Qt
- calculation of gravitational and electromagnetic force between non-point 
objects by integrating
- improve soft-body support: implement automatic creation of arbitrary-shaped 
soft bodies, investigate better (more accurate) methods of modeling soft 
- framework for dynamic object creation/destruction in order to allow 
implementing particle emitters
- statistical models (for example prey/predator model)

What do you think about it ?

      Best Regards,

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