[kde-edu]: [Step] Suggestions

Hans Chen hanswchen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 10:10:45 CET 2008


>  Very strange, on my desktop I can make it slightly wider than one column in
>  both left and right positions. This probably also depends on the widgets
>  style since the dock header (label "Palette" and buttons near it) also
>  restricts minimal dock width. I've tried the most obvious methods to remove
>  this restrictions by it didn't work. For now I've removed close button from
>  the dock to save some space (closing it is probably bad idea anyway). Later
>  I'll think more on how to fix it.

I use the default style (Oxygen). I'll play around with it later today
if I get the time.

> Currently the user is able to freely set current time in the properties of
> world (just click on empy point in the scene or select World in "World" dock
> and then you'll see its properties in "Properties" dock).

Strange, I think I tried to change it in the Properties for World. Ah.
Now I know what's wrong: I didn't put "s" after the number.
Also, there's something strange when I change the time: it doesn't
react when I click on the field again. Seems to be a common problem
with all the properties. (To reproduce: click on a property, change it
and press return (or press somewhere else. You don't even have to
change the property). Then try to change it (the same property) again
(by clicking on it)).

>  > 1. What is the statusbar supposed to show?
>  Currently nothing ;-) May be you have suggestions for it ? If not I'll just
>  remove it for now.

I was thinking about displaying the time there. In the future, maybe
the "reset time" button could be there too?
And if that's too little, you could put the zoom controls there too.
Not sure it would make sense in Step, though;

And finally, a feature request. A "vector" object. On the scene, it
appears as a arrow. You can assign a property of an object to the
vector (for example, a particle's velocity) and set it's "origin" if
you want ((0, 0) or maybe follow the particle?). This vector would
change according to the property when you press "Simulate".

I think it would be great when analyzing an experiment. Do you think
something like this would be possible?

No free time for you, is there? ;)

With best regards,
Hans Chen

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