[kde-edu]: activity-oriented tutorials

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Wed Feb 13 02:08:22 CET 2008

Hi Arindam,

I love the tutorial! I think it should be on the website and I'll be waiting 
for the KHangMan one!
- The approch is very good. I like the little logo "guy" which could be 
improved in a sort of "training mascot" common to all tutorials. Having a pdf 
instead of only a webpage for explaining things is a plus.
- The pages are neat, straight to the point and describe all steps in details.
- It makes you want to start a map right now

The only concern: is the CC licence OK for KDE material?

Welcome to KDE-Edu!


Le Tuesday 12 February 2008 01:31:51 pm Arindam Ghosh, vous avez écrit :
> Well, i'm not telling to include just this right away. The version
> that we may include will be more crisp & more improved from its'
> present state. Right now, i just put this up for a review. I mean
> following,
> * How is the approach in first place?
> * What are the things that needed to be improved?
> * Translation to be done (/me did for Bengali (bn_IN), my local language)
> * And can we have more like this (/me doing another one for khangman)
> & dump them somewhere.
> * Hosting (that's absolutely iffy) comes at a very later stage.
> Actually, I found this method quite effective in a school where my
> local LUG recently did an LTSP setup. We have dumped lot of
> educational packages and tutorials & students really love using KDE
> edutainment packages. Well, the idea spun from the fact that
> 'kgeography so to say doesn't have all state maps of India' rather it
> doesn't have each & every possible map in the world. So, making  a
> small student or a geography teacher understand <xml> tags gets really
> tedious at times. Better talk them in their language..."create maps".
> Then, we can see them create their own content, contribute & give us
> much needed feedback.
> Please comment.....
> regards

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