[kde-edu]: activity-oriented tutorials

Arindam Ghosh arindam.foss at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 16:12:48 CET 2008

Hi all,

I actually tried making some activity-oriented tutorial for kgeography
(for adding new maps)

And the khangman one is on the pipeline. This approach typically helps
because content creators like school students & geography teachers as
i have seen runs away seeing the small <xml> tags. But the only thing
to do for them is draw the map & create the .kgm file so to say. And
then also, developers can have a happy time, because they can have
better feedback from grass-root level.

Hope we can host this & more such tutorials and their translated
versions on the kde-edu website. This can actually take collaboration
to the next level. What do you think?

On Feb 12, 2008 10:27 PM, Anne-Marie Mahfouf
<annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr> in kde-devel wrote:
> wooow!!! this must <strong>absolutely</strong> go on the Edu website!!! this
> is exactly the sort of material we need!

Arindam Ghosh

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