[kde-edu]: Parley 0.9 conjugations not shown

Albert Hilpert albert_hilpert at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 8 19:26:51 CET 2008


I am a user of KVocTrain, and I have a file with conjugations. If I load
this file with
Parley I don't find the conjugated words. But they are in the new xml
file and Parley
finds the tenses and the words itself. Later on I have testet this with
a new file, which
has only one word. This functions very well. After this I reload the
other file and, what
a miracle, I see 3 out of the 5 possible persons. Then I tried to Start
Practice with
conjugations, and all 5 persons were asked. So it seems that it is only
a problem in
showing the right name in the "Edit Entry" dialog.

Also there is no difference in the conjugation names and types of
different languages.
I think that a conjugation named "Conjuntivo presente" in English is

Best regards,

Albert Hilpert

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