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2008/12/28 Dylon Edwards <integr8e at gmail.com>

> Thanks Riccardo; I recently tried Sage, but it errored out with a message
> that some research showed is a bug that was supposed to have been fixed with
> the latest release :P  I haven't gotten around to trying an older release,
> yet, because compiling Sage takes forever and a half...
> Aleix, I'm looking into KOffice's Flake shape library now, what exactly are
> you looking for in a Maxima Flake?  Can it not already render MathML
> objects?

It would be the way to make KWord a texmacs-line application in terms of
integration with maxima. http://www.texmacs.org/

> I want to create a WYSIWYG editor that will simplify the creation of
> mathematical documents and solve/plot mathematical expressions; if you
> haven't had a professor assign you homework to be completed in Maple or
> Mathematica, when you don't have such software at home, you're very
> fortunate (it really pretty much sucks).  My objective is to create a
> mathematical learning environment ( MLE :) useful to both the mathematical
> genius and your everyday algebraic n00b; something that will solve
> expressions as simple as 1+2*3, while being capable of running CPU intensive
> Physics simulations (Step ???), balancing Chemistry equations, solving
> vector matrices, and integrating multi-variable expressions.  It will
> provide the solution to almost any expression entered, and should the user
> desire, explain how it was derived (my teachers all through grade school
> frowned upon the use of calculators because they can't explain their
> solutions).  It will be plugin-oriented, with the ability to completely
> change its look and feel through various addons and would be able to save
> each user-defined "profile" individually.  Thus, it would have a very
> flexible GUI able of being everything from a calculator, to a WYSIWYG
> document editor, to a scripting IDE, all within the same application, and
> each with the same capabilities as the other (only friendlier toward their
> intended purposes).  Such an application will definitely take some time to
> develop, and to reduce the maintenance nightmare, will require the
> implementation of many already existing open-source projects, but I'm
> willing to work toward such a goal.

 I think you should be able to explain your project with few words. :P

> I've decided to work with Maxima, because in its current state, KAlgebra
> cannot handle my math requirements.  Next semester I will be taking Calc
> III, which introduces all sorts of mult-variable integration funness, and
> will shortly be taking Diff Eq's and Linear and/or Abstract Algebra, which
> introduce all sorts of other kool' things.  However, KAlgebra may very well
> be able to deal with those one day, which is why I want to implement a
> mathematical API capable of handling multiple backends (so if one can't
> handle something, it will be passed to the next).

I don't think you want to mix different backends at the same time. Take in
account that you will define variables and expressions on the backend, you
could have a bad time at abstracting that and it is not really useful. You
can hint the user though.

> Sage sounds close to what I'm wanting to create, only it requires the use
> of a web browser and expects you to already know what you're doing.  What I
> want to do is create an application that will not in any way inhibit you if
> you happen to know what you're doing, but will be easy for anyone to pick
> up, something "n00b friendly, but 1337 oriented."
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