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> Thanks for the welcome!  I didn't know about mathGUIde, I'll definitely
> check into it; wxMaxima isn't really what I'm looking for.
> I thought about the KOffice approach, in that they may be interested in
> changing KFormula into more of a WYSIWYG, MathML-based CAS (since it would
> allow for both the creation and solution of expressions), which would be
> awesome for writing math papers; I couldn't decide, however, whether my
> project would be a better compliment for an office or educational suite,
> because it really complements both.  As you suggested, maybe they would be
> interested in creating a Maxima flake, or improving their current one, that
> could be used in both KFormula and my application, and would allow for a
> symbiotic relationship between the two.  They could use it to generate
> non-interactive formulas to insert in KOffice apps, and I could use it to
> enhance the user experience of mine; we would both improve it to better our
> projects.  Despite which direction I decide to go, I would like to create a
> technology that could, and would, be used in any application ... maybe even
> a mathematical API that would implement various backends, such as the
> multimedia services Phonon provides.
> Anyway, I have a lot to learn and think about before I can bring my
> application to fruition, but I will definitely be working on it.  Would any
> of you be interested in a WYSIWYG, MathML-based CAS (frontend)?
> -- 
> Dylon Edwards
> SSWJ - Stay(ing) Strong With Jesus, Always!

Hello Dylon,
maybe you can get some ideas checking out SAGE http://www.sagemath.org/ as it use Maxima as main CAS engine and it can use Mathematica, Octave, Matlab and others as backends.

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