[kde-edu]: We need more promotion

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Mon Dec 15 15:40:40 CET 2008

Am Monday 15 December 2008 11:02:36 schrieb Bhikkhu Mettavihari:
> > > We are going very much with Open Source in our School work.
> >
> > When kids will use the OLPC Logo software they'll use the KDE-Edu one at
> > home
> > or elsewhere easily. They will already know about freedom. So even if
> > it's not
> > KDE-Edu itself, it helps KDE-Edu.
> >
> > You can promote KDE-Edu to cyber cafés for example by telling them to get
> > kids-oriented machines. That's a practical example anyone can do. We do
> > that
> > locally. Also in libraries.
> >
> > And make a KDE-Edu promo team, list what needs to be done, open a Spread
> > KDE-
> > Edu website,....
> We are planning an Ubuntu installation in ALL schools
> My thoughts is to make an extra DVD which hold all the education tools and
> index it for easy installation.(it is not all our schools that has Internet
> facility). This DVD would ofcause also include your Kde-Edu

While this is nice there are still huge gaps in the software stack for Linux. 
For example, 99% of schoolsoftware by the big school-book companies only run 
on Windows, probably even 100%. Even Mac is often not supported.
I personally own a software which cannot be installed on Vista because it is 
XP only, believe it or not. Don't even think about Wine... I don't what those 
deveoplers are smoking, but they really manage to create completly crappy 
software which isn't usable in !WindowsXP.


PS: This was not really on topic, I agree 100% with Albert. But as a 
frustrated (software-wise ;-) teacher I needed to vent myself :-)

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