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Mon Dec 15 12:17:40 CET 2008

I don't think OLPC is the issue anyway. What it is keeping KDE-Edu outside
OLPC are technical reasons most of all. And besides OLPC there is a huge
bunch of schools that are using PC's.

About what albert said, nothing to add, just that I agree with the
impression. What the teachers complained the most was that they expected to
see someone having used the tools before them and seems few use cases are
getting to them.

Well... btw, If you are interested on the slides, you can find them here:


2008/12/15 Bhikkhu Mettavihari <mettavihari at gmail.com>

> Working with OLPC people is not really easy (do you see GCompris on the
>> machines you have access to?)
>> Porting Edu apps to Sugar seems very difficult, a rewrite seems a better
>> solution.
>> I was under the impression the OLPC is in difficulty due to internal
>> politics
>> and to Microsoft stepping in. When there is Windows on the OLPC there is
>> also
>> our apps.
>> For Sugar, I don't think we have any manpower.
> OK, I am not technical enough to advice you in any way,
> As for Windows on OLPC I do not think the Ministry of Education of Sri
> Lanka will take it.
> We are going very much with Open Source in our School work.
> with metta
> Mettavihari
>> Anne-Marie
>> PS : I believe more on Netbooks and CLassmayte PCs and Edu distros than in
>> OLPC in terms of deploying our software.
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