[kde-edu]: i18n errors in step

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Mon Dec 8 15:18:39 CET 2008


step (trunk compiled from sources) has still some i18n bugs here:

The translation of the parameters are not used e.g. in these messages:

step/worldgraphics.cc:64 step/worldgraphics.cc:110 
Click on the scene to create a %1

step/worldgraphics.cc:91 step/worldgraphics.cc:140 
step/worldgraphics.cc:172 step/gasgraphics.cc:108 
step/polygongraphics.cc:196 step/polygongraphics.cc:325 
%1 named '%2' created

Press left mouse button to position a center of a %1

Move mouse and release left mouse button to define a radius of the %1

Units in property window are untranslated e. g.
rigidbody.cc:45 rigidbody.cc:75 particle.cc:36 particle.cc:52 
kg m/s

The numbers in the property window are not localized, in a german environment 
they should have a comma (,) as decimal separator, but a dot (.) is 

Burkhard Lück
German Translation Team
kde-i18n-de at kde.org

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