[kde-edu]: Parley feature request

Steven Cordwell geoguy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 08:06:51 CEST 2007

Hi, my name is Steven Cordwell and I have been a long time subscriber to
this list. I am a student studying the Indonesian language and have used
KVocTrain in the past to learn vocabulary. I quite liked using KVocTrain,
but am looking forward to using Parley because the interface of KVocTrain
was rather quite cumbersome.
What I am wondering is if aggluntative languages can be better supported.
What I mean is this, Indonesian (and many other south-east asian languages)
use a system where you have a root word and affixes are added to the word to
change the meaning. Indonesian also does not have verb forms, so the verb
forms feature of Parley is not needed when studying Indonesian. Instead you
have a root word, for example 'jalan' = 'street'. adding the prefix 'ber-'
creates 'berjalan' = 'to travel'. 'jalanan' = 'path', 'perjalanan' =
'journey', 'menjalani' = 'to undergo', etc
I am wondering if there is a way to define a root word and then define all
the derivations so that all the words in the same group can be kept
together. this way different forms of a word can be tested so that you make
sure you know the full set of vocabulary based on each root word.
many thanks and keep up the great work
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