[kde-edu]: Need help revising KTouch keyboards

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Mon Sep 24 19:37:32 CEST 2007

Hi Andreas,

I did the French layout but I had trouble with the editor, I could not find 
the Save button at first!

I have another question as I am looking at Dvorak french. Should it be called 
Dvorak French in the menu? Or French (Dvorak)? Or anything else?

Also, what should be shown on the key when you have 4 on top and é below. 
Should everything be shown?

Thanks in advance,


On Monday 24 September 2007 15:44:58 Andreas Nicolai wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> the overhaul of KTouch's keyboard engine is complete, with an improved
> layouting/drawing/accessing functionality and an included Keyboard editor.
> However, we noticed that quite a few of the keyboard layouts were
> incorrect (wrong color codes/key placements) and are incomplete because of
> the limitations of the previous keyboard engine. So we KTouch developers
> would like to ask the community to take a look at the old layouts, convert
> them into the new XML format and add missing key connectivities and
> characters.
> Simply open the keyboard editor in KTouch, read in an old keyboard file
> (the ones without the xml extension) and start editing:
> - first the characters on each key
> - then the color codings by assigning each key a finger key, note that the
> top row of keys should be coded based on the local conventions - see for
> example the german keyboard versus the american/english keyboard
> - lastly check the connectors (which characters can be produced by
> pressing a certain key)
> Please add the reviewed keyboards in XML format to the repository or send
> them to Haavard and me.
> Thanks a lot for helping us out, here!
> Bye,
> Andreas

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