[kde-edu]: Parley (KVocTrain) Expiring

Markus Büchele Markus.Buechele at web.de
Sun Sep 23 17:38:19 CEST 2007

I believe that expire's time has expired.


Am Sonntag 23 September 2007 14:52:15 schrieb Frederik Gladhorn:
> Hi all!
> If you used KVocTrain before, you might know (eventually) that there is
> a "feature" called expiring.
> After discussing it for a while, we didn't have the feeling that this
> feature is needed.
> Actually we did not even find out what it is supposed to do to be honest.
> Looking at the code, it just ignores some threshold settings.
> Unless there is real opposition or any reason to keep it, say "good bye, my
> friend" and expiring will be gone.
> Opinions please.
> If there are none, I'll remove it on tuesday or so. Very soon anyways.
> Greetings,
> Frederik
> (with the code removal chainsaw in hand)

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