[kde-edu]: KVocTrain-Parlez

Ilja iljuss at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 19:45:45 CEST 2007

2007/9/20, Frederik Gladhorn <frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de>:
> But Ilja, your tone does not motivate me. I get the feeling that you demand of
> me to do work. I don't want that. I'm not here to be commanded around.
> Some things that you demand are simply wrong.
I don't know what to say. I'm really sorry.

> Please use nicer words, recognize that there is progress, ask
> questions nicely.
Yes, these are things I really have to learn..

> There is for example a fine but important distinction between Language and the
> Title. What should people do that practice files containing two columns of
> English? Like word-definition. Should they have to lie about the language? ;)

In longer term columns could be named simply columns, not "Languages",
"Language name" would be renamed to "Column name", (..) , and it would
be no need to "lie" about column content. But because it isn't the most
important issue, I thought I will write about it later, together with
or after "column handling":

(Basically, it could be possible to create a new columns and then "treat"
them as e.g. example sentences, pronunciations of "main" words. So,
there wouldn't be any need to open "Edit entry" dialog and all
information would be visible to user. But it is just an idea now.)

And I thought that currently drop-down list combined with text field
(like in properties dialog), would be quite convenient solution.

2007,9.20, Anne-Marie Mahfouf <annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr>:
> We need someone to work on the Edu website as some content is obsolete, so
> please any people willing to help, come forward!
And how should I answer now..? I think I would be able to do something,
but I'm not sure. (I'm messing up all possible things with only writing,
what will happen if I will start to write markup, or even worse, to code..)

> if you see the commits, Frederik is working on it and has
> been doing so intensively. He just cannot work more quickly!!!
Regrettably, I looked only now on svn stats. And, yes, it is truly
impressing how much Frederik works..

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