[kde-edu]: Planning a KDE-Edu meeting in Paris to shape KDE-Edu 4.1

Benoît Jacob jacob at math.jussieu.fr
Thu Sep 20 11:10:45 CEST 2007

By the way, have you considered announcing it on the dot or at least on 
kde-devel? Of course the date needs to be fixed first.

kde-devel means reaching to non-edu KDE contributors: perhaps some KDE people 
not too far from Paris would like to meet us and maybe give us a helping 
hand. Many don't read the kde-edu list.

The Dot means reaching to non-contributors. It could give some motivated users 
not too far from Paris an occasion to get started as KDE-Edu contributors. 
More people is always better.


On Thursday 20 September 2007 12:34:43 Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> Hi Edu people,
> I am organizing a KDE-Edu meeting in Paris and Mandriva agreed to let us
> use their premises for a week-end!
> The date I have in mind would be 1st - 2nd December, with an arrival on
> Friday 30th November to get a good start at 9:00 am on Saturday. Friday
> evening would allow us to meet each other.
> This is flexible of course, end of November and January being also other
> possibilities. I have to rule out later in December for myself for my
> mother's duty!
> Let's start a quick poll on:
> http://wiki.30doradus.org/index.php/Availability_and_proposed_dates
> Objectives
> ---------------
> - Preparation of KDE-Edu 4.1: what to include, what to improve...
> Work in small groups and a group brainstorm session.
> - Debugging of current version, roadmap for 4.0.X versions
> - Some people to work on the website ?
> http://wiki.30doradus.org/index.php/Agenda
> This agenda is of course very open. It would be very nice if new programs
> developers can come (Vladimir for Step, Arnold for KVerbos,
> KMathTools??? ...)
> On the practical side: I asked eV to fund the week-end but I did not get
> any answer yet. I don't think there will be any problem though but if any
> of you can come with a sponsor (for food for example), that would be
> welcome. Your trip and lodging will be totally paid for!
> As you know, Free Educational Software is now one of the hottest area in
> Free Software. It's important to deliver as good tools as we can and to
> make them known. Frederik with KVocTrain/now Parley already got an online
> interview, this is very good! Also don't forget Windows, we have another
> user base just waiting for us! It's important to work as a team and meeting
> in real is really productive.
> These are only ideas, please feel free to suggest anything, I'm not your
> boss, just the coordinator! ;-)
> Thanks to everyone working on KDE-Edu and making it fun to work on!
> Anne-Marie
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