[kde-edu]: KLessonPlan

Xavier Batlle i Pèlach tevibp at wanadoo.es
Tue Oct 23 22:03:12 CEST 2007


KLessonPlan, just a project:

KLessonPlan is an idea for a KDE-edu project. Is an application to assist 
teachers plannig a course. Thinking a course divided in units, and each unit 
in lessons. A lesson can have activities, and activities can have resources 

The application have to help teacher to put this lessons in a calendar. It 
sounds likes Kplato, but very school adapted.

2 pictures in [1] will help my explanation.

I have in mind an XML file [2], and the application will manage it. Create 
lessons, create activities in lessons, assign resources as classrooms or 
other facilities.

Also it will depend on a calendar and a timetable.
 * Calendar because KLessonPlan will distribute all lessons along the year, 
and we must know the holydays, and other days in wich students aren’t at 
school (i.e. they go to the beach to study fishes)
 * Timetable to know when we teach this course (perhaps our students only go 
to the beach from 8:00 to 10:00, and at 11:00 we can tell them aboute math, 
and how long is a fish in inches or in meters).

I will write it in Python (other day in C++ if Kdevelop helpme) , using QT for 
KDE. But I like to design it well from the beginning, because I see a future 
for it.

If someone likes this idea and want comment please, do it. I'm not a good 
developer, neither XML expert. My english is bad too... but I think I have a 
good idea. ;)

The KLessonPlan name is only one idea, it can be modified if better.

Bye and thanks.


[1] http://eltercer.cat/blog/2007/10/23/klessonplan/
[2] http://eltercer.cat/blog/2007/10/23/klessonplan-xml-file/

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